Technical / Field Services


The Cash Depot Technical Service team consists of in-house and field service technicians, and 8 warehouses nationwide. The Technical Service team has a response time goal of 24 hours or less from time notification is received into our system. In 95% of instances, we will have the terminal up and running the same day. We will always be happy and treat the customer better than we would want to be treated.


Call arises from a customer or from an alert in our monitoring department. A ticket is submitted for review, and a technician is dispatched. The open service ticket is monitored from our database and any information is recorded for any issues or problems. The response time, return calls, and other statistics are recorded. Any service ticket open longer than 24 hours are reviewed daily and escalated promptly for resolution.

Our service department believes and follows the ABC's of service and repair:
AVOID - unnecessary service calls
BE - there as soon as possible
CONTAIN - expenses


Many calls that come into our Technical Service team are simple issues that can easily be resolved by the merchant or manager of an ATM. Some issues just need clarifying. Our Technical Service team has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and problems that may arise. Our number one focus is you, our customer, and we want to save you the cost of a service call if we can help you over the phone, or with this informational Q&A list. If you don't see your issue listed below, please feel free to call 1-800-776-8834 to speak with a friendly, helpful Technical Service Representative.

Q: How long does it take to get service?
A: We usually service machines within 24 hours

Q: Why is my ATM not printing receipts?
A: Check for paper jams and make sure there is plenty of paper in the printer.

Q: How do I clear a paper jam?
A: Most paper jams are caused by dirt and paper debris. After clearing the main jam, use a canned air spray to clear any smaller pieces to help prevent jams.

Q: Why is my printer printing blank receipts?
A: Your ATM is equipped with a thermal printer that only prints on one side of the paper. Try flipping the paper over. If this issue happens, it is generally due to the roll being inserted incorrectly after a paper roll is changed.

Q: What does this error code mean?
A: Most error codes occur when there's a malfunction to the ATM. Each brand of ATM has its own set of error codes, so please call the Technical Service Department, and we would be happy to help you decipher the error code.

Q: Who do I contact about buying products (signs, banners, paper, etc.)?
A: Your regional coordinator can assist you with purchasing items, or you can call to speak with the Customer Service Department to place an order.