Revolution Air Mobile App



Real-Time, App Notifications Features:

  • Push notifications - updates sent to mobile app icon indicating a change on a terminal setup
  • Email notifications - set up text/email alerts 
  • Transactions in a specified amount of time

PCI Compliant: Safe & Secure

Mobile App Features:

  1. Active Monitoring
  2. Home Page Portfolio Listing
  3. Terminal List Filtered by Terminal ID
  4. Terminal Details – Trans Types, Amount Collected, MTD and Daily Ave
  5. Detailed Transaction Screens by Month, Week or Day
  6. Customizable Alerts
  7. Request Service
  8. Daily and Month to Date Information Provided

    1. Avg. Coin Count and Revenue
    2. Avg. Credit Card Counter and Revenue
    3. Total Average Revenue
  9. Filter by Terminal ID, City, State or Site Name
  10. Sort by Terminal ID, City, State, Site Name, Last Coin or Last CC Transaction
  11. Export Selected Data as .CVS File
  12. Color Coding to Alert No Transactions in 12 or 24 hours

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