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Cash Depot is a privately owned, independent, ATM Service provider focusingon merchants and financial institutions. We are one of the few companies in our industry with the ability to provide in-house transaction processing. We operate our in-house ATM switch as a Direct Processor with the PULSE network.

We provide full service, "All in One Stop". This means we can take care of everything. Cash Depot will sell, lease, rent, ship, and support ATMs throughout the United States.

Unlike our competitors, we use only company employed sales people. We consider a sale the beginning of a new business relationship. Our professional sales representatives sit down face to face with customers to help them understand the ATM business and the benefits of having an ATM. They analyze the business site, then develop a personalized, profitable program to meet their individual needs.

We offer Automated Teller Machine equipment, parts and supplies from Nautilus, Triton, Tidal, Diebold, and Tran ax. We also offer Air, Air/Vic and TACC (Time Activated Cash Control) service and equipment. We provide our own factory trained technicians on-site, or expert phone support, to help with any product or installation, repair, or questions from the “I can do this myself” customer. We assist our customers with trouble shooting to keep their equipment up and running.

Cash Depot offers ATM processing for any location with ATM equipment; as well as service and support. We also monitor ATMs so we know if there is a problem. Our Information Technology Team developed and supports the WEBMON application, making it possible to monitor the activity of every ATM processing through our switch.
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