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Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Salary: $60.00 - $100.00

Education: Bachelors Degree Required

Experience: 10+ Years

Position Summary:    Be a family member and leader with a company that is in a position of strength in a unique industry that very few know is here in beautiful Green Bay Wisconsin.  This position will provide technology vision and leadership in the development and implementation of the corporate information technology (IT).  We are not employees, we are family members.

The Position: The position of CIO at Cash Depot is where you as an experienced IT leader can bring your technical capabilities and knowledge as well as your management leadership to other skilled family members and help us sustain and improve our performance.
We are a technology driven company and industry.  You will help us develop improvement to our capabilities that sustain our position in the industry but also takes us further on the leading edge of technology for our family members to efficiently perform their job duties as well as provide the best performance and service to our customers.

Bring us your skills, vision and leadership capabilities to help drive us forward to continued growth and industry leadership.

The Company:  Cash Depot and 1st ISO are two business segments under one organization that provide ATM, tire Air and Vac machines in support of many of the largest customers in the gas convenience and grocery business across the United States.  We own our own transaction switch so we can truly control our costs and our system up-time to provide the best performance to our customers.  As if January 2020 we will be approaching 200 family members, with approximately half of them here in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Cash Depot is a privately held business which allows us to do things differently and with less corporate red tape that can choke the ability to be flexible and efficient.  This is a key element that has driven our success.

We are a continuously growing company by 20% or more every year.  We are very profitable with no debt.  We refer to our employees as family members and treat them like an owner by sharing a significant part of profits with everyone.

The People:  We are family members of the company and we think like owners because everything we do impacts the performance of the business and each family member’s compensation which includes profit sharing.  Our Goal and Mission are written down and everyone is held to those standards in how we treat our customers and our family members.

OUR GOAL: “We will commit to treat everyone like family.  We will strive to be the recognized leader in all business ventures.”

As a leader in the family, the CIO is a critical position to build our technology by understanding what our family member departments and our customers need to be successful.


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