Cash Management Services


Cash Depot offers cash management services, providing cash delivery for your ATM. No need to supply cash yourself, or hire a third party courier service to deliver the cash needed for your ATM.


The cash management service supplies cash for your ATM using our own contracted armored car courier. Also included in the service is full-time monitoring. Our employees are assigned to monitor the cash levels of your ATM to ensure there is enough in the ATM to handle your daily transactions. This minimizes downtime. By minimizing downtime, you put more money in your pocket.

Cash Managing Service Supplies:

  • Cash
  • Armored Car Service
  • Full-time Monitoring

Vault Cash fees

Withdrawal Transactions                Fee Amount/Transaction
0 - 200                                            $1 / transaction
201 - 400                                        90¢ / transaction
401+                                                80¢ / transaction


Monthly Insurance
$10 / month

Set-up Fee

Monthly Minimum Billing
$175 / month

Cancellation Fee