ATM Rental Program

Keep 100% surcharge revenue, plus earn additional revenue!

Cash Depot’s "Rental Program" is designed for higher traffic locations with business owners that handle the day to day of the ATM. This program is very similar to our free placement program except for one thing: You will use your own cash to keep the ATM filled. That's it, everything else will be paid for and handle by Cash Depot. With years of experience, certified service support team and over 30,000 ATM's deployed, you can rest assured that Cash Depot understands what it takes to maintain a reliable and profitable high volume ATM solution.


We Provide:

  • ATM Machine - free, no cost to you*
  • Maintenance - our technicians will service the ATMs
  • Processing - transactions will process through our switch
  • Monitoring - proprietary software ensures max uptime
  • App Reporting - receive monthly transaction statements
  • ATM Supplies - receipt paper
  • Advertising Supplies
    • Arrow ATM Sign
    • Lighted Topper
    • Window Signs
    • Door Stickers

You Provide:

  • Space
  • Internet - if no internet, CD offers a wireless program
  • Dedicated Electrical
  • Daily Cash

REVENUE: Keep 100% Surcharge Fees


Withdrawal Transactions              Merchant Income**
301 - 500                                   10¢ / transaction
501 - 700                                   15¢ / transaction
701+                                          20¢ / transaction
                                                  **less any pass-thru fees

*if monthly withdrawal transactions fall below 250, a $50 rental fee will be assessed.

Requirements: proof of withdrawal transactions, rental application (subject to approval), 72 month agreement, copy of sales tax certification, $100 security deposit: C-Stores, $250 security deposit: other location types.

Wireless Internet

In Need of Internet?

Special pricing - just $15 / month with Rental Program Includes equipment.