ATM Placement Program

Worry-free, hassle-free!

You earn revenue in our split placement program and we take care of everything to maximize your transaction volume. You earn revenue every transaction, signing up for our free ATM placement program, you earn a percentage of the surcharge revenue from each and every transaction. Percentage of revenue split is typically 50% or greater, depending on the location and the surcharge total for each transaction.


We Provide:

  • ATM Machine - free, no cost to you*
  • Cash & Cash Management Service
  • Maintenance - our technicians will service the ATMs
  • Processing - transactions will process through our switch
  • Monitoring - proprietary software ensures max uptime
  • App Reporting - receive monthly transaction statements
  • ATM Supplies - receipt paper
  • Advertising Supplies
    • Arrow ATM Sign
    • Lighted Topper
    • Window Signs
    • Door Stickers

You Provide:

  • Space
  • Internet - if no internet, CD offers a wireless program
  • Dedicated Electrical


Withdrawal Transactions              Merchant Income**
0 - 200                                     $1.00 / transaction 
201 - 500                                  50% / transaction 
501 - 650                                  58% / transaction 
651+                                         66% / transaction 

Revenue Sharing chart assumes $3.00 surcharge fee for withdrawal.  If there are multiple locations, total transactions are an aggregated average.

*if monthly withdrawal transactions fall below 200, a $100 fee will be assessed.

Requirements: submitted application must be approved, available in approved areas only.

Wireless Internet

In Need of Internet?

 Special pricing - just $15 / month with Rental Program Includes equipment.